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Nude Resin was formed by artists who share the same need to express the sensuality of the human form in all it’s glory.Either we are drawing or sculpting, the female body is an endless source of inspiration for us.We want to share with everyone our visions of beutiful women captured on 2 or 3 dimensions.


Nektarios Chionis (concept artist, illustrator)
A photoshop addict always ready to visualize the erotism of the female form.He has teamed up with sculptor Marcus Deleo to produce original, nude scultures of SUPER-sexy girls!

Marcus Deleo (sculptor)
An award winning Brazilian artist renown for his exceptional skill, accuracy and precision in rendering his works in various media, including super sculpey, apoxie sculpt, and bronze. Deleo’s love for the female face and form is evident in his ravishing femme fatales of the 1940s and 50s and futuristic cyberpunk girls executed in the Japanese anime vein.

None of the works seen on NudeResin.com are sold through any stores or distributors anywhere in the world. All orders are direct from artist's studio to final customer. This is the only way to guarantee the high quality of our kits.We produce our own kits inhouse using the best possible methods (vacuum degassing chamber for the molds & Pressure casting).These systems combined with the high-quality toxic-free resin we use, give us a 99% bubble-free casting of high detail.
Our kits are solid, white resin, hand-cast sculptures that come in parts, to be assembled. A "small" degree of skill is required. Explicit instructions are included for building and painting the kits.